Here you will find a list of a features we offer with our various website developmental services.With our VBS Video broadcast Software system we can develop a social videochat website for you with these features included:

Flash Live HD Video with Chat and synchronized audio plus 3-D Live video ability
FULL control over users/viewers, broadcasters, admin
Mobile device compatibility on the fly with compatible browser
Compatible with most CDN’s (content delivery network), more info upon request
Users/Viewers, Broadcasters scrubbing prior to signup
Username/password protected broadcaster’s area
Username/password protected users/viewers area
3 ways of users/viewers signup available: free/email/pay
Passwords are encrypted in database
MSSQL/CFM authentication database
Owner can add, edit, deactivate users/viewers
Owner can add, edit, deactivate, delete administrators
Owner can designate 15 administrative permissions, view/edit per administrator
Owner can monitor video/audio chat rooms invisibly
Owner can view ALL broadcaster information; 2257, profile, billing, etc.
Owner can view ALL users/viewers billing, ‘time bank’, transaction information
Admin can disconnect broadcaster current broadcast
Admin can view site specific log files; login, sales, etc.
No download required for broadcasting or viewing (Flash enabled browser needed)
Full signup system in place for adult 2257 records keeping
Admin can add, edit, delete site categories
Admin can add, edit, delete broadcaster profile stats
Banner rotator included
Detailed real time sales, session, payout information
Detailed hours, session, chat log information
Admin ability to full site ban
Admin can view and/or logoff online users/viewers, broadcasters, admins and other information
Customizable PDF contracts for Adult verification, Model release
Full 2257 compliance system inside to collect all required paperwork and ID’s
Support for recording and playback of pre-recorded (fees may apply)
Works with many merchant providers and/or payment provider schemes
Full control over software, we can customize it to do almost anything (fees may apply)

Admin User/Member Research and Anti-Fraud Tools:

Password protected, using concurrent connection filtering (one person one un/pw)
Password encrypted in database
View all user/viewer ‘time bank’ history based on selected dates, total left, total added, total spent, total private session time used, one click to users/viewers information, etc.
Private Login list
Chat logs
View detailed log files for sales, users/viewers area login/out, broadcaster area login/out, admin area login/out, ‘to many attempts made’ log files for all areas, log of price changes made by admins, fraud suspect logs, more coming soon
Admin ability to full site ban, Super Admin (ONLY), can ban by IP (by country, state and/or city, standard feature coming soon)
View all users/viewers, broadcasters, admins/monitors online/offline, shows number of IPs user has logged in with, ability to log them off, one click to users/viewers, broadcasters information
Monitor room, ability to view and listen to broadcasters invisibly, can chat to all (more features coming soon)
Search, view, add, edit, deactivate users/viewers
View detailed information about users/viewers; billing information, total in account, transaction history, add/remove money, quick stats, etc.
Search Members With Account Balances
Search By E-mail Address Or By Member Name
Display Member Purchase History
Manually add Member account
Manually add credit to member timebank wallet
Deactivate member account

Admin Broadcaster/Performer Research Tools:

Search, view, edit, deactivate broadcasters
View detailed information about broadcasters; sessions and payout, time logs, chat logs, quick stats, Identification/2257 info, edit payment and profile, set per broadcaster percentage rates, set hourly rate, etc.
Performer Chat Logs
Performer Chat Log Archive
Access Performer Information
Search By E-mail Address or By Performer Name
Display Payroll Payout Percentages
Print Performer Sales Statistics
Disconnect broadcaster current broadcast
Admin can add, edit, delete broadcaster profile stats
View, approve, deactivate, delete new ‘just signed up’ broadcasters
View all needed information for a new adult broadcaster; pictures supplied of themselves and ID, all personal information supplied for adult verification and 2257, acts as ‘holding area’ for broadcasters needing to supply hard copy paper work, etc.
Admin can view and/or logoff online users/viewers, broadcasters, admins and other information

Admin Research Tools:

View, add, edit, deactivate, delete administrators/monitors
Appoint up to 27 view, edit, use permissions per admin for various ‘job/duty’ combinations
View various information about each admin/monitor; last login, IP, email them, etc.
View, add, edit categories; up to 3 tier, member only, adult, non-adult
View, add, edit most of the profile stats, per minute charge amounts, etc.
View, search, add, edit, remove banner ads, view by size
Set banners to rotate for a number of days, set to rotate only in certain categories, view days rotated, view number of impressions, etc.
View all broadcaster totals based on selected dates, drill down for more details per broadcaster, get payment information, one click to broadcaster user information, and session logs
Ability to set basic setting for site, domain name, URL, main drive, business name/address/fax information, site wide percentage, support email address, broadcaster support email address, billing setup, etc.
Fully searchable interface for search of all 2257 record information for DOJ (if ever needed) of all broadcasters to ever signup and be approved to work the site (standard feature coming soon)
VBS Support page with all necessary information to contact us

For Standard Membership, or Ecommerce type sites We offer custom programming of websites, online webstores, personals websites, live camsites, and more! Our programming specialty if cold fusion, we also use the other popular programming languages, HTML, JAVA script, CGI, PERL, ASP, and many others. We are also very experienced in internet marketing for high quality traffic and hit to sale ratios.

There’s more to building a website than publishing content. Marketing your website is one of our specialties. We have put together several different marketing strategies based on different types of websites.

As an established website development firm since 1997, we offer personalized attention to each assignment we work on. We’re a relatively smaller firm, therefore you won’t get shuffled from person to person. You will know with Eden-2000 that you will always work directly with the person who is developing your website.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. You will receive truthful information from us regarding website development, internet marketing and questions you may have. We want to provide as much information as we can, in a way you can understand it, so that you the website owner will become more comfortable and educated in the adult website industry. Your satisfaction and success is our goal!

Call us at 505-352-7188 or
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The Possibilities are endless! Since the beginning of time, Man has been tempted! Step into the highest grossing market on the internet, the Adult industry!


A website is a very personalized entity. No two sites are the same, each deserving of it’s own individualized attention. It is this very issue that determines the actual cost of the website development. Many factors contribute to the overall design, content, publishing, and marketing of a domain on the web.

We offer a variety of packages to accommodate small to large website projects. If you have a desire to get in the adult website business but do not know where to start, we offer a great Turnkey CMS package that will set you up with everything you’ll need including website, billing, administration for easy updates at the click of a button. For those of you who want to upload and serve your own images or video content and easily administer and update your own site, our newest turnkey product EWebsitePRO© will be perfect for you.

We offer superior custom graphics design and strive to meet your expectations for complete satisfaction. Our graphics design team will work closely with you to determine you design, color scheme, and preference in page format, etc… This will ensure you the most personalized attention to detail in the matter of design and user-friendly navigation of your website!

We don’t like to build unsuccessful websites, therefore we build your website completely SEO (search engine optimized), and hold your website in the highest priority during the crucial development and launch stages. You won’t have to wonder or worry, you’re in great hands with us! We are always aware of the changing market and reach to meet the demands of promoting, marketing and advertising effectively through keyword rich page design and meta inclusions. Our efforts will take your website to the next level, and with further boosted marketing campaigns, your sales will soar through the roof!