02.2.17 – It’s Grounghog Day and It’s Cold outside!!! Launch of New and Improved AdultWebsitePRO™ ver.4.0 automated website developing tool and content management system.

1.01.17 – Happy New Year!! With the launch of the new version of our Video Audio Chat software VBS, our New Year is off to a bang!! We have 3 clients getting it installed and developed, so we’re very excited!! Our social videochat system offers our Exclusive Mobile”Touch to Chat”® and Custom emoticons and emojis!! It’s awesome!

12.01.16 – Happy Holidays everyone! Phase 4 of the update to our VBS software has begun and we are excited!! Stay tuned for more exciting info!

11.01.16 – Beautiful Fall weather among us! Phase 3 of the update to our VBS software has begun and we are excited!! Our new, innovative, Live Video Chat software update is on it’s way with HD and 3D live video capabilities! Stay tuned for more exciting info!

10.01.16 – Launch of our enhanced, newly updated Eden2000 website design main website plus additional full service features.

05.01.16 – Summer is upon us and we are busy as usual building several new client sites and trying keeping cool for the summer!!

04.01.16 – Wow has this been a busy year for us so far! We’ve launched 2 more Live camsites both using our New Video Broadcast Software!!

03.02.16 – Our VBS Live Video Audio Chat system is working like a charm as usual!! Our clients profit increases everyday, with tons of sales due to the ultra clear, high quality live video and sync’d audio! There’s nothing like FULL SCREEN LIVE VIDEOCHAT!!